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Complimentary Consultation

All treatments start with your complimentary consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss your needs in the knowledge that you will be treated sympathetically and with the strictest of confidentiality . We can discuss the various therapies I offer and together decide which would be relevant to your specific situation.

Any questions will be answered in a straight forward way to clear up any doubts and concerns you may have.

You will be given a fair assessment of how many sessions you are likely to need and my fees. This is dependent on the complexity of the issue and consequently how many sessions are required. Some issues can be resolved in only a few sessions, others just one session is all that is needed . Even for the more profound problems, no more than ten sessions are usually necessary.

By helping you focus on the future this allows you to create a permanent solution.

Therapy Sessions

Each session is discussed briefly beforehand and once you are satisfied we proceed. The next stage, under my guidance, is to simply sit back , unwind and enjoy. Although relaxed you will be aware of what is being said and in control throughout. You will bring back with you a sense of calm alongside a fresh perspective.

There is advice and support available between sessions via text or e-mails. Each session is confirmed the day before , welcoming anything you feel would be useful for inclusion in your next session . This unique personalised service gives you the best opportunity to transform your life.

The duration of each session is approximately an hour, continuing each week until satisfactory progress is made. Each session is as significant as the next , so giving exceptional value with this first-class service as you start to immediately feel the benefits.

By helping you focus on the future this allows you to create a permanent solution.

Treatment Techniques


Hypnotherapy has been around for many thousands of years. In the 1950`s the American Medical Association, American Psychological Association and British Medical Association recognised hypnotherapy as a valid medical procedure. Continuing to successfully help multitudes make positive changes as hypnotherapy developed towards modern day techniques,so flourishing in popularity.

You can make the necessary life changing decisions you require by simply relaxing, experiencing a wonderful sense of peace and serenity . In this way the analytic conscious mind takes a back seat while experiencing a narrowed focus of attention, centered on achieving the changes you desire . In this way you can facilitate the requisite transformation within yourself . We can utilise the three main clinical techniques - Suggestion , regression and analytic hypnotherapy.

Each session is briefly discussed beforehand , welcoming any input you may have , so maximising the individuality and effectiveness of every session.

Improved habits and behaviours are easily achieved with IverTherapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Combining CBT with hypnotherapy gives profound long term changes within oneself. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a process of finding the negative thought patterns that triggers the behaviour you want to change. Once identified, we can then update to a preferred way of reacting in that and similar situations. By looking to the solution and not the problem this requires you to no longer dwell on the past but focus instead on achieving a preferred future.

Look towards a better future with IverTherapy

Neuro Linguistic Programming

There are many different techniques within Neuro Linguistic Programming to enable changes.

We all have our own unique process of creating our belief system and consequently how we perceive ourselves and the world around us . Some problems are real , however we also create our own problems based on these engrained beliefs. If you believe that you will never succeed or improve in a certain area of your life, trying to convince yourself otherwise can seem an impossible task . Re-assessing this can be a startlingly fast and effective method to empower yourself.

Identify your personal blocks and get a different perspective with IverTherapy


We are all influenced by our past . If this leads to unhelpful behaviour we can find the foundation that this belief is built upon, by travelling along that imaginary line to that defining moment . By tackling the problem at root cause , in turn, all the similar supporting information just collapses.

Releasing you from those unwanted influences that the past had upon you will subsequently leave you free to then change that limiting belief or emotion.

Create a better future for yourself with IverTherapy


This is particularly useful if there seems to be something you are unaware of that is preventing or holding you back . Rather than talking about why situations happened ,this resolves the mind- body connection through feelings. Experience a wonderful release from the past so even if it was a painful situation this does not have to necessarily be traumatic . This is based on releasing the emotion that is stopping or limiting you in some way then reframe to better future.

Sympathetically helping you attain successful resolutions with IverTherapy

Emotional Freedom Technique

Specific energy meridian points are stimulated as in acupuncture , but no needles are involved. With Emotional Freedom Technique these points are tapped with the finger tips.

The result is to bring feelings around the problem to surface in order to rebalance that disruption in the body`s energy system. We give advice and an instruction sheet so you can continue this simple technique for yourself.

Helping you take control of your life with IverTherapy


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