Lose Weight

Losing weight can be difficult without breaking unhealthy eating habits. Iver Therapy can help you correct the subconscious desire to over-eat or snack between meals. For more severe weight loss we offer a hypnotic gastric band - reduce your hunger without scarring or invasive surgery.
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Quit Smoking

Trying to quit smoking with patches or gum is replacing one crutch with another. But using will power alone can seem like an uphill struggle. Iver Therapy deals with the root of the problem by helping you break your smoking habit. You won't even feel like you're quitting: you just won't crave cigarettes anymore.
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Overcome Phobias

Phobias and irrational fears can be debilitating and undermine your confidence. An illogical fear can not be overcome without first understand the underlying issues. Iver Therapy help you retrain your subconscious and take control of your fears. WIth phobias under control you'll be a more confident person.
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Other Treatments

Iver Therapy can help with a wide variety of issues. From improving sporting performance to reducing stress Iver Therapy can help. View the full list of the issues Iver Therapy help with or contact us today to discuss your specific needs.
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1 Oct 2015

Quit Smoking For Stoptober 2015

Is Stoptober 2015 a good starting point to quit smoking ? Of course, as you wisely have made that first step to quit. Do you genuinely want to remain a non-smoker. Hypnotherapy is fastest becoming the favourite amongst the stars to quit smoking. The list includes Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Ewan McGregor. Why ? […]

30 Mar 2015

How to get rid of fears and phobias with hypnotherapy

How to get rid of fears and phobias with hypnotherapy is easier than you may realise. Once a person learns how to recognise the trigger and to stay in control, they are on the way to overcoming the phobia.                                 So, […]

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Free Consultation

Iver Therapy offers a free consultation to assess your needs and suggest the personalised blend of therapies to achieve your goals. The consulation is conducted by a trained and experienced hypnotherapist. Your hypnotherapist will build a personalised therapy plan built around your underlying motivations. Any questions you have can be discussed. If you are new to hypnotherapy and its related theraputic techniques then this is a risk free way to learn what a powerful tool it is in achieveing your goals.

The consultation is free and completely confidential. If you do not feel that Iver Therapy can help you then there is no obligation. Take up this risk free option to learn more about our services and recieve personalised guidance today.

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